This domain is currently being used for e-mail, web development and for the facebook app "My Library" as well as some other projects that interest me.


Mendix: Cloud Developer, September 2011 - Now

Starting September 2011 I am working on Mendix' cloud platform. It is a lot of fun and I get to work with some very cool technologies and very intelligent people! We use a lot of Python, Java, Mendix itself, all kinds of web technologies,

ICT JT: Owner, September 2006 - Now

I created a number of websites for individuals and companies. Furthermore I did some work for Leoson before joining this company full-time in 2010. I have experience with html, css, javascript, jquery, php and mysql.

Leoson B.V.: Programmer/Analyst, June 2010 - August 2011

This small company specializes in laboratory automatisation, typically for labs that use Agilent equipment. I've created scripts for MassHunter, ChemStation and made a company C# dll for MassHunter.


  • BSc. Computer Science, Utrecht University, 2006-2010
  • BSc. Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, Utrecht University, 2006-2011 (not completed, still have to finish thesis sometime)
  • BA English Language and Culture, Leiden University, 2010-2011 (for fun, not finished, part-time)


For most of the fun stuff, check out the labs section.

In early 2011 I have developed SnelTrein (blog, market) for the Android platform. This app allows you to find train connections with the least amount of effort from the user. It is currently free of charge.

I try to read as much as possible and I have hundreds of books, some of which I occasionaly lend out to friends. To keep track of the books I own and the books that have been lent out, I developed My Library, an app on Facebook.

Being a huge fan of IBM and Lenovo ThinkPads and having a cheap supply of old, second hand models through, I have managed to acquire the following models: 700C (x2, the c stands for Color, a novelty in 1992), 701CS (x2, butterfly keyboard), 570, 570e, 600, 760CD, R60, X200s, T400. The 600 is my favourite, it feels incredibly robust and offered great performance for the time. Of these models, I've only used the R60 and T400 on a day-to-day basis. If you would like any information on any of these models, let me know.

I enjoy Leonard Cohen's music and G.K. Chesterton's books, among others.


As a member of the CDA (Christian Democrats), a centre- party in the Netherlands, I try to balance solidarity with common sense. On the whole, the right lacks the first, the left the second. My focus is currently on the relation between Islam and democracy.


Over the years my reluctant attitude towards social media was succumbed by the perseverance of friends on Hyves, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, I highly prefer talking to people face-to-face and hence I scarcely use social media, except for Twitter. Of course you can reach me by Email:


Please note that this list is very incomplete.