Jouke Waleson

Hello, I'm Jouke. I like minimalism and this is my website.

I want to make things simple.

I'm a tech guy born in 1988 and based in beautiful Utrecht, The Netherlands. I have three kids and one wife who is an antique dealer and frame maker, so if you want something beautiful for on your wall, ask her. If you have software issues, ask me.


Hire me

You can hire me as Fractional CTO. Either because you need interim CTO assistance, are contemplating getting a full-time CTO or if you have short-term complicated projects to execute. See for more information.

Work experience

I'm a generalist. I like software engineering, people management, product management, electronics, regulatory compliance, and more.

I've worked at Mendix (Low-code pioneer, Rotterdam, 2011-2018, I was engineer and product manager), easee (medical device, online eye test, Amsterdam, I was CTO) for 5 years, and currently I'm a freelance Fractional CTO while I'm building my own startup.

I am comfortable with many technologies, from Cloud systems to front-end applications to embedded platforms. I'm an expert at Python, Git, VueJS, k8s, CI/CD, Linux. I've done quite a lot with databases, streaming platforms, LLMs, ESP32 / NRF52. In my experience, technology is of secondary importance in 95% of the applications.

See my linkedin for details or this very long blog post about most of the software I've built.


My perpetual creativity and optimism have led me to register some domains. If you want to buy one, let me know.